Doula Services

Create a birth experience where you will feel comforted, confident and connected to your power of endurance.  Support you with doula and yogic techniques during pregnancy, labor, birth and early motherhood to reduce stress and cultivate a more relaxing state to connect with yourself, your baby and partner.

My services emphasize informed decision making to make sure you feel educated and informed before and during birth.

What is included in doula services?

Prenatal Visits

The 2-3 informed prenatal visits ensure you feel informed about your options and confident in what to expect during birth.  We will develop a clear birth plan, emphasizing your priorities and preferences for your birth.  This is a tool to help you see and feel what you envision and desire for your birth and your baby.  These visits also provide us with time to get to know each other and to build a connected relationship as we move towards your birth.

Telephone and Email Support

I encourage my clients to keep in close contact with me by phone and email between our in-person visits so I may provide supplemental information and to answer questions as birth approaches. This support extends to the postpartum period, where I can direct you to a variety of resources in the community.

Prenatal Yoga

If you are interested private prenatal yoga, visits can be scheduled either in your home or in a beautiful yoga studio Yardley, PA. 

Support During Your Birth

During your birth, you will benefit from skilled use of comfort measures which can help you feel as calm and comfortable as possible. I will help facilitate discussion between you and your chosen primary attendant (if any) to make sure you are informed and confident about any decisions you may need to make during the birth.

If you have a partner who will be taking an active role in supporting you during birth, doula support will benefit him/her as well, and the two of us will work together to ensure you are fully supported during your birthing.

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