I thought I was so "prepared" for labor. I read countless natural birthing books, did yoga, meditated, ate well, connected with my partner emotionally and trusted that I would be ready.

When the unfathomable intensity of it actually arrived, I felt more unprepared and scared than I have ever been.

But then Ulla got there. The moment she walked in the door I breathed a sigh of relief and my heart felt at home. Ulla's enormous capacity for presence and unconditional love allowed me to move through my contractions with trust and openness.  She encouraged me to surrender to the Lightning moving through me. I have no doubt that my birth was faster and better because she was there.

Ulla will hold your hand, press on your back, and look you fiercely in the eyes to let you know you can do it, despite your fears, your pain, your utter shock at what your body is capable of doing.

I believe Ulla was made to be a Doula. And I know that the world is a better place because she is doing this work. I can't recommend her enough.

Sally Miller