I thought I was so "prepared" for labor. I read countless natural birthing books, did yoga, meditated, ate well, connected with my partner emotionally and trusted that I would be ready.

When the unfathomable intensity of it actually arrived, I felt more unprepared and scared than I have ever been.

But then Ulla got there. The moment she walked in the door I breathed a sigh of relief and my heart felt at home. Ulla's enormous capacity for presence and unconditional love allowed me to move through my contractions with trust and openness.  She encouraged me to surrender to the Lightning moving through me. I have no doubt that my birth was faster and better because she was there.

Ulla will hold your hand, press on your back, and look you fiercely in the eyes to let you know you can do it, despite your fears, your pain, your utter shock at what your body is capable of doing.

I believe Ulla was made to be a Doula. And I know that the world is a better place because she is doing this work. I can't recommend her enough.  Sally


I had been practicing yoga with Ulla for nearly two years prior to having my daughter (my first of two children).  As I progressed through my practice and pregnancy I knew I wanted Ulla to be with me when I welcomed my baby into this world.  When I asked her to be with me she responded that she would be honored, it was a beautiful moment!   I knew I wanted as natural a childbirth as possible and knew having a support person in addition to my spouse would increase my chances of having the type of birth experience I had envisioned.  When I went into labor with my daughter I contacted Ulla to let her know what was happening.  I labored at home for a few hours and then went to the hospital to deliver my baby. 

My delivery was very short, but during that time Ulla was a source of constant support while my spouse managed conversations with the midwife and nurses (and at one point a physician who was called in to evaluate possibly performing a c-section).  She was soothing and calming while at the same time empowering as she coached me through the labor, focusing my breath and empowering me to listen to my body and allow it to do the work.  My daughter, Kaya was delivery in about six hours and I had an unmedicated, natural childbirth that left me feeling empowered, strong, and confident in my ability to mother.  Having Ulla in your life will not only get you through childbirth, but will change the way you experience birth!  Ulla was, IS, an AMAZING support person, a women who literally understands women in labor, it’s in her blood, in her hands, and in her heart.  ~Mandy


Overall it was a wonderful experience. When I think back on it, a few things stick out to me – I remember settling in to the hospital and seeing my husband and Ulla chatting and feeling like I was completely supported by two wonderful people as I was about to embark on a very important, exciting, and emotional experience; I remember standing and feeling like I was collapsing into her and my husband and feeling completely safe and loved as they worked in tandem to respond to every single surge of pain or discomfort; I remember my doula and husband encouraging me and coaching my moaning and breathing; and I remember the sheer joy and relief of seeing my baby boy be placed on me and left for over two hours to bond,feeling empowered to be a great mom after delivering and confident that we would continue to be supported in this journey.  I felt very prepared and supported by Ulla in whatever was to come with the delivery.

Having a doula assist us with our first birth experience was one of the best decisions we’ve made. There was so much we didn’t know that we didn’t know, and Ulla shared so many resources with us while supporting in making decisions that worked for us. One of the most important aspects of the birth is that my husband was prepared and supported in being totally involved.  Ulla taught us, and spent time demonstrating, ways to help labor progress with positioning and non-medical interventions. My husband would have been involved to an extent without having a doula, but I feel that he was able to be an active participant 100% of the time because we had knowledge and strategies to manage pain from Ulla. Ulla’s help and guidance enabled me to work through the pain without medicine, and allowed my husband to be more involved than he would’ve simply because he didn’t know what or how to help.  It was a beautiful team effort and a memory I will cherish forever. Jackie